General FAQs for members and customers:

Could I receive cashless convenience if I did not present my healthcard to the MedilinkGlobal’s panel providers upon registration?
Unfortunately, you will be treated as the cash-paying patient if you did not present your valid healthcard to the panel providers upon registration. MedilinkGlobal adopts and embraces the security concept introduced by the banking and financial industry, verification and payment could only be transacted via a swipe of the valid credit card that belongs to a cardholder
How shall I recognize and identify the panel healthcare providers of MedilinkGlobal?
(a) You could refer to the listing of panel healthcare providers that is provided to you via your company Human Resource Department
(b) You could locate the panel healthcare providers via Optimal Health, a Mobile Application that is developed by MedilinkGlobal and provided to its members and customers
(c) You may call us at our 24-hour member hotline 603 – 2296 3188
What I need to do if the information printed on my healthcard is inaccurate or wrong?
The information printed on the healthcard is basing on the data provided to Medilink-Global by your Human Resource Department. Please update your Human Resource Department with the correct information, so that the correct data will be sent to MedilinkGlobal, upon a card replacement request.
For avoidance of doubt, the card is to be replaced with a small fee that is to be chargeable to you, depending on the rules and regulations of your Company
What is the timeline of receiving a replacement card or new card for a new member?
Upon enrolment of a new Member into the system or whenever a replacement card is required, MedilinkGlobal shall be responsible to prepare the required data for card production. MedilinkGlobal shall personalize the healthcards with the standard Members’ information, namely, Member’s name, identification number, company name and 16-digit ISO card number.
The healthcard will be delivered to your Human Resource Department, within 14 calendar days from the date MedilinkGlobal receives the request from your company.
How long do I need to wait to receive a Letter of Guarantee for hospitalization and Specialist treatment?
For hospitalization, the member’s eligibility verification via a swipe of your healthcard on the MedilinkGlobal’s designated EDC terminal, will be done at the admitting hospital upon your admission. The approval and Letter of Guarantee issuance shall subject to your benefits and entitlement. It will take approximately 30 minutes after MedilinkGlobal has received the completed medical report detailing your medical conditions from the admitting hospital.
As for Specialist treatment, you are required to inform MedilinkGlobal at least 24 working hours before your Specialist appointment, through its dedicated email,, by submitting the below required documents:
(a) Request for Guarantee Letter Form
(b) Referral letter from panel GP Clinic
(c) Copy of patient’s healthcard
Letter of Guarantee will be issued to the hospital, and a copy shall be emailed to you, should the request be approved in accordance with your benefits and entitlement.
Could my son or daughter aged 18 and above entitle for this medical benefits scheme?
MedilinkGlobal shall, to the best it could, adhere to the rules, regulations and guidelines that are set by your Company in administering your medical benefits. The eligible dependents shall be defined by your Company.
How could I receive a healthcard for my newly born child or my spouse?
Medilink-Global shall enrol your child or your spouse to this medical benefits administration scheme, as soon as Medilink-Global receives the instruction from your Company.
As such, please update your Human Resource Department with your newly born child, so that the new member request data will be sent to Medilink-Global.
Please refer to your Human Resource Department for the required documents upon your registration of new born child or spouse at your Human Resource Department.
Could I receive a Letter of Follow-Up Guarantee if my admitted medical condition falls within the Exclusions?
Unfortunately, your medical benefit program does not pay for the medical treatment that falls within the Exclusions, as such, no Letter of Guarantee is to be issued.
Could I receive a Letter of Guarantee for hospitalization, if my medical condition falls within the Specific illnesses and/or pre-existing conditions?
Normally, if a medical benefit programme s insured, medical conditions fall within the Specific Illnesses will have a waiting period of 120 days from the date of insurance policy commencement. For pre-existing cases, the insurable risk shall depend on the insurance company who insured the said medical benefit programme.
For a medical benefits programme that is non-insured, the claims guidelines shall then be provided by your Employer.
Is there any way to have access to my benefit entitlement and utilization information?
You could assess the information via the Member Portal and Mobile Application, Optimal Health. The access to the said portal and mobile apps is secured and you do not need to worry if your personal data is compromised
Is Maternity program covered under my medical benefits?
Normally, if a medical benefit programme is insured, maternity is not covered. For a medical benefits programme that is non-insured, the claims guidelines shall then be provided by your Employer.
How shall I lodge a feedback to MedilinkGlobal for the services that you have provided?
Medilink-Global welcomes your valuable feedback and you may do this via your Human Resource Department or you may wish to send us your feedback via the Mobile Apps, Optimal Health.
If I lost my healthcard, what should I do and is there any charges imposed?
Should you lost your healthcard, please refer and report to your Human Resources Department for card replacement request. The card is to be replaced with a small fee that is to be chargeable to you, depending on the rules and regulations of your Company
If my limit is fully exhausted, could the balance available limit from my spouse or child be transferred to me?
Unfortunately not.
Is dental covered under the medical benefits program?
Dental treatment is covered only if you have a dental treatment benefits.