Medilink-Global makes inroads into Hong Kong

Medilink-Global makes inroads in the Hong Kong healthcare business with its newly incorporated company, Medilink-Global (HK) Limited on 24 May 2010.

According to Group Chief Executive Officer, Shia Kok Fat, Medilink-Global has set specific goals and agendas to establish an operational presence in Hong Kong. Shia said that the Group sees a strategic need for its foray into the Hong Kong market due to the presence of well-established insurance companies as well as reputable healthcare providers there.

Positioning itself as "Asia's First Secured and Trusted Electronic Healthcard Network", Medilink-Global aims to continue bringing the organization to greater heights. With the recent establishment in Hong Kong, together with its already existing offices in Malaysia, Singapore, China and Thailand, Medilink-Global certainly can look forward to growing its revenue for the Group.