SelfDoctor (Beijing) Technology Co., Ltd. acquired shares in Medilink (Beijing) TPA Services Co Ltd.

On July 31, 2014, Medilink-Global UK Limited and SelfDoctor (Beijing) Technology Co. Ltd. ("SelfDoctor") reached a mutual agreement whereby SelfDoctor acquired 51% equity interest in Medilink (Beijing) TPA Services Co., Ltd. ("Medilink China") from Medilink-Global UK Limited to emerge as its controlling shareholder. After completion of the acquisition, Medilink China and SelfDoctor shall form a complementary business partnership to provide third-party administration services for Individual and Group health insurance, direct billing services with network of medical institutions, corporate health management and consulting, digital health solutions, self-management of health-care and other health related services.

SelfDoctor exploits digital information and communication technology to build comprehensive healthcare management services for both individuals and organizations. SelfDoctor had successfully participated in and contributed to many national research projects concerning China's medical and healthcare information technology and had also gained recognition by the relevant authorities and its member. Over a period of nearly seven years in Research & Development efforts, SelfDoctor had developed mobile and e-health management system which delivers high quality health management services with high availability and ease of accessibility from anywhere; without geographical restriction. SelfDoctor, indeed, offers a highly innovative and integrated health management service platform. Through the massive accumulation, warehousing, mining and analysis of health data, SelfDoctor is at the forefront in the field of health research. SelfDoctor's services is widely used by medical institutions, insurance companies, reinsurance companies, business groups and individuals in their delivery of healthcare, disease prevention and health records management. SelfDoctor's technology is an integrated healthcare solution which supports wearable health monitoring devices and applications.

In early July 2014, the Partner Capital Group invested and participated in the shareholding of SelfDoctor. Partner Capital Group is a leading private equity firm in China, focusing on providing one-stop financing for high-growth companies, mergers and acquisitions as well as private placements and financial advisory services for listed companies. Since 2005, its entry into the medical and health industry in China by way of investment and resource integration had helped nurture a number of medical enterprises for IPO listing in the USA, Hong Kong and Mainland China. Besides capital investment in SelfDoctor., the Partner Capital Group aims to integrate its powerful medical resources into the SelfDoctor platform. Through such resource integration, SelfDoctor would rapidly grow to become the leading healthcare management service company in the coming years.

Medilink China was incorporated and established by Medilink-Global UK Limited in 2005 in Beijing and having a branch in Shanghai. Its core business is providing third party administration services on health insurance claims for major insurance companies, insurance agents, insurance brokers and reinsurance companies as well as corporate organizations. It provides direct billing services through the network of medical institutions and healthcare service providers.

Medilink China had developed a state-of-the-art electronic claims management systems. It exploits front-end data capturing technology to deliver on-line real time functionalities and capabilities. The complex rules of insurance and claims processes are made simplified, resulting in clear and efficient processes for members seeking medical treatment. This enhances members' experience during the process of seeking medical care. Currently, Medilink China has a direct billing network comprising more than 400 medical institutions and healthcare providers in mainland China; spreading across 14 provinces, municipalities and 25 major cities. The providers network includes public and private medical institutions, medium-sized hospitals and clinics. The direct billing network of Medilink China also extended to Hong Kong, Macao, Taiwan, Southeast Asia, South Korea, North America and Europe.

Self Doctor's equity participation has injected new vigor and vitality into Medilink China; it expands and improves the quality of products and services to be offered in the dynamic market environment in order to fulfill customer needs and enhance customers service satisfaction.

Ms. Saren shall serve as the Chairman of Medilink China. SelfDoctor will continue to uphold the principles of professionalism and independent third-party administration for insurance companies; focusing on end-customer service. Medilink China shall not engage in selling or acting as agent of any insurance product in order to avoid conflict of interests. Medilink China shall ensure customers' information security whilst delivering more comprehensive and high quality services to the end customers and business partners.

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