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Wellness, is indeed an art which could be taught. Embracing Wellness as our value in life and in our daily living habit shall be the first step towards achieving optimum health and reaping a high quality of life. Illness, on the other hand, is basically a pure science which could be learnt. The... READ MORE

Medilink-Global is principally involved in providing Third Party Claims Administration (TPA) services by operating a state-of-the-art electronic healthcard network infrastructure to facilitate healthcare claims processing.

Medilink-Global is presently the... READ MORE

The Medilink system comprises Front-end Network of Electronic Data Capture Terminals (EDCT) and the Back-end Data Centre Infrastructure powered by its bespoke Claims Application System, ie., ... READ MORE

Among today's health conscious society, seeking healthcare treatment in a foreign country should be made as easy as seeking treatment in ones' own country. Medilink-Global thus offers cross border healthcare solutions to all eligible members via its strategic tie-ups with... READ MORE

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