Technologies and Solutions


The Medilink system comprises Front-end Network of Electronic Data Capture Terminals (EDCT) and the Back-end Data Centre Infrastructure powered by its bespoke Claims Application System, ie., Electronic Claims Clearing System (ECCS)

Our flagship Claims Application Software, known as Electronic Claims Clearing System (ECCS), is designed to provide e-Elgibility; e-Claims Adjudication; and Settlement  services for our clients. The ECCS application which runs on reliable Oracle database platform leverages on the proven technology and infrastructure of the credit card industry to deliver on-line real-time verification and data validation services. 

The versatile and highly customizable ECCS system supports almost limitless variety of possibilities in innovating healthcare schemes.Exception claims alert, up to date statistic reports and analysis produced by the ECCS system real-time to empower medical officer to conduct professional utilization review to determine the appropriateness of treatment and procedure for a given diagnosis so that the cost of care is controlled without compromising the interest of the patient in terms of quality of care.





Track record of ECCS since year 2001
  • Supports Medilink’s TPA operations in Malaysia, Singapore, China and its business partner in Indonesia
  • Serving > 30 Insurance Companies and hundreds of corporate
  • Handling variety Health Plans Design
  • Processed >15,000,000 Out Patient and In-Patient Claims since year 2011
  • Granted regional Software License (ECCS) & Medilink's proprietary e-Fax Solutions to Great Eastern Life Assurance for their in-house Claims Administration.
  • Licensed the Medilink's proprietary Network Access Solution to AIA Health Services
  • Provides the Medilink’s Front-end Electronic Healthcard Network services to AIA Health Services, AIA Berhad & AIA Public Takaful Berhad