Third Party Administration (TPA)


Medilink-Global is principally involved in providing Third Party Claims Administration (TPA) services by operating a state-of-the-art electronic healthcard network infrastructure to facilitate healthcare claims processing.

Medilink-Global is presently the only Third Party Administrator with regional presence operating in South East Asia and Greater China, having deployed Asia's first secured and trusted electronic healthcard network.


Medilink-Global offers its TPA services to facilitate the administration of both the in-patient and out-patient healthcare schemes of corporate organizations and insurance companies. The Medilink-Global System facilitates online real-time eligibility verification and confirmation of benefits as well as automated adjudication of out-patient healthcare claims.


Each member carries an electronic healthcard which is presented to the registration desk in the Physicians Office when seeking treatment. The card shall be swiped at the EDC Terminal which sends electronic signals to Medilink-Global's back-end server which shall return an impulse back to the EDC Terminal within seconds.