Value Proposition

  • Matured Technologies; designed &developed based on clients’ knowledge & experience.
  • On-line, Real-time Verification of Eligibility during admission / clinic visitation.
  • On-line, Real-time submission and validation of claims during clinic visitation.
  • Real-time monitoring and reporting of utilizations.
  • Knowledge-based Claims Adjudication (guided by 15,000,000 transaction history).
  • Effective utilization control through real-time tracking and alerting fraud, abuses.
  • Instant de-activation of Card when employees resign /retire /quit employment.
  • Timely, comprehensive and analytical reporting of utilizations and claims.
  • Improve utilization data and healthcare information management.
  • Improve effectiveness in medical cost analysis and cost management.
  • Improve effectiveness in managing Healthcare Provider Network and relationship.
  • Secured and reliable electronic health card network infrastructure.
  • Medical Providers Contracting Experience.
  • Beyond Medical Service Providers Network

Healthcare Service Provider Network.