Third Party Administration (TPA)



    More than 20 years of experience in TPA industry in Asia


    Matured Technologies; designed & developed based on actual clients’ expectations and requirements


    Knowledge-based Claims Adjudication (processed >30million claims history)


    Medical Providers Contracting Experience, maintaining more than 3500 medical providers globally



Medilink-Global is principally involved in providing Third Party Claims Administration (TPA) services by operating a state-of-the-art claims management technology to facilitate healthcare claims processing.

Medilink-Global offers its TPA services to facilitate the administration of both the in-patient and out-patient healthcare schemes of corporate organizations and insurance companies. The Medilink-Global System facilitates online real-time eligibility verification and confirmation of benefits as well as automated adjudication of out-patient healthcare claims.

Medilink-Global’s TPA operation is also supported by the Medibridge Hospital and Medibridge Clinic, which offers single unified platform for the healthcare providers for claim submission, request of E-LOG (letter of guarantee) and E-Billing. 


Service Description

The services provided by Medilink-Global for both the outpatient and in-patient are:

  • On-line Pre-consultation eligibility verification
  • On-line Post-consultation claims data capture and validation 
  • Payment processing
  • Administrative arrangements for financial guarantees
  • Post-admission follow-up
  • Communication of disapproval or non-admissibility of medical diagnosis
  • Pre-discharge – adjudication of hospital bills
  • Post-discharge claims documentation



  • Online Real-Time Eligibility Verification and Confirmation
  • Proven technology in terms of security, reliability, availability & confidentiality
  • Timely and Effective online real-time Reporting
  • Hassle free Registration and Paperless Administration
  • State of-the-art secured and trusted system
  • Wide selection of network healthcare providers
  • Know-how and cross Regional Expertise to constantly conduct professional utilization review for better cost containment

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